Consciously Choose Your Paradigms

shea-ellisonOnly early in my life did I aspire to do what I loved to do.  I wanted to play professional football.  However, I had no real plan… at least not one where I was in control of my own destiny.  When I wasn’t offered any football scholarships to college – I was lost… I didn’t know what to do.  I did receive one for gymnastics, but frankly I didn’t see any real future in that sport.  I mean I was pretty good, but I knew I wasn’t ‘Olympic’ material.

So I attended Memphis State University in the Fall of 1973.  After a three months of frustration (for a number of reasons), I quit the team and became a hippie.  After completing my first year of college, I dropped out because I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life…. and I’ve been searching for my ‘purpose’ ever since.

Now I have found it.

“By and through authentic action and the body of work I produce in the form of books/booklets, audiobooks, coaching, membership sites, seminars, webinars, workshops and keynote presentations, I inspire and motivate individuals, teams and organizations to integrate more of what they know into what they do.  In so doing, I inspire individuals to take greater action, cultivate leadership and cooperation that impacts their business environment, the economy and at times, the world.”

What is your passion? What do you love to do? What would you do everyday for free? (as long as you had the resources you needed to live the life you have always dreamed about) What is your purpose for being here? I believe we are all here for a reason and a purpose, and it is our duty and responsibility to our fellow human beings to discover what our purpose is. I believe once you find your purpose, the vision for your life will become visible to you. You will know why you are here and what you must do. All you have to do then, is define all the goals you will need to accomplish to manifest your vision. Once you have your plan and your goals laid out, it’s time to take action on them. Nothing really happens until you take action. It’s all about implementation!

I was introduced to Maxwell Maltz’s classic Psycho Cybernetics in the late seventies and became intrigued with human potential and personal development shortly thereafter.  So, now after more than 30 years of being an obsessive student of many of the great teachers who have gone before me, it hit me – it is now time for this student to become the teacher and share my wealth of knowledge, insights, vision, and purpose with the world.

My greatest mentor has been Tony Robbins – the man who is obsessed with knowing and understanding what makes people do what they do. What are the hidden determinants of success? What enables some people to succeed while others fail? I could fill a whole section here about what I have learned from Tony over the years… and I still may do that. But for now, I want you to listen to him tell you in his own words what drives him to excel in what he does and how he may change they way you think – if you’ll listen to him with an open mind and ask yourself “Does this make sense to me?”

I am embarking on unleashing the music within me.  I am still continuing to be a student, but I am also starting to write the manuscript for my first book.  I will share portions of my ‘labor of love’ with those of you who have the good fortune of finding my blog.  Give me your feedback and input as I travel the road that lay ahead of me.  Everything happens for a reason and a purpose, and they all serve me.

I believe I have some very thought-provoking ideas, some paradigm-shifting philosophies, and many original insights into humanity and our very nature and existence in the universe.  I hope you will read, listen, and watch as I invoke what I believe will be a paradigm shift that will change the course of the world.

T. Shea Ellison
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Author – Speaker – Philosopher

P.S. I’d also like to share other content with you that I believe will have great global impact in a positive way upon the people of the world. Here’s a video about a revolutionary idea that will change the world for millions of people all over the globe. Have a look and let me know what you think.

Education in this country, the richest country in the world, is not working for everyone. K-12 education is not properly preparing our young people for college or the workforce. It’s not only the poor and underprivileged in small towns or urban centers around this great country, everywhere kids are overwhelmed with the pace of change and the mind-numbing options available that they have a tough time figuring out what the want to do. I know, I have been there. Even though I was given an (elementary and middle school 1-8th grade) education at a parochial (catholic) school and then transferred to the public school system, I was never made aware of the principles of success now available at that time. Perhaps I was, but it was only through books, and unfortunately I never liked to read.

In my adult life, someone had the fortitude and entrepreneurial vision to create audiobooks!! and this simple, yet fundamental shift opened a whole new world to me. I now had a form of books I enjoyed. Starting back in the mid-seventies, I began to devour audiobooks on a wide range of subjects and have continued to this day. You will see links around here and my other blogs to where I have had a membership forever… ever since they opened their doors. Public libraries now carry a lot of audiobooks as well as videos. I can listen to audiobooks while I’m driving, working out or otherwise occupied and love every minute of it. Perhaps if we offer this simple technology to others – make them aware of it and provide access to it, perhaps then more young people will become more engaged in learning.


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