I started asking and answering these questions in my daily journal earlier this year, and decided to post some of them up here with the faith that others will benefit from my insights and thoughts that stream through me from universal consciousness. -T. Shea Ellison

What did I learn today?

I re-learned that most things take longer than I think.  I’m thinking like God – if I think it, it is – instantaneously!  As soon as I have the thought, that which I think IS.  Everything is thought.  There is nothing without thought.  Thoughts are not only things, they are the only thing!  However, I have to remember that although I am God, I have been manifested in human form on this planet, in this physical plane of existence.  So, to the physical body (the physical universe), physical manifestation of thought is what matters here.  So, the enigma I need to solve is how to do what Jesus taught; how to instantly manifest thought into physical reality.

How can I improve today?

Keep thinking like Jesus.  After all, Jesus said “All that I can do, you can do – and even greater things.”


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